Got this from a friend, and obligated to fill it in here. Please feel free to use this idea.

Available or Married or Complicated: Available. Definitely available. But it is a bit complicated. (Definitely willing to uncomplicate and simplify things for the right person).

Books: Books are my lifeline. That said, I am going to be very boring and say…… HARRY POTTER BABY!!!

Colour (Favourite): My favourite colour is Black; Don’t every show me something in black, I might just snatch it. You have been warned.

Drink of choice: I apologise, but I just can’t choose one. So, coffee, green tea, and whiskey.

Essential start to your day: Internet. What else?

Fears: I have got a lot of fears, but I think the biggest fear I have is of failing people who rely on me. Oh, and speaking in public.

Game to play or watch: Chess and cricket.

Height: Somewhere in between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 7″. Not quite as short as 5′ 6″, nor quite as tall as 5′ 7″. Though I usually say 5’7″.

Instruments you play: Does the laptop keyboard count? No? Ok then, none.

Job: I invented the two coolest jobs in the universe. 1. The Librarian: researching and learning, unlearning, and relearning all the time. 2. Consulting Entrepreneur: sharing my experience in helping others achieve their dreams.

Kids and names: None yet.

Life is incomplete without: Internet. I can’t say that? Ok, how about… Books. Come on, why not that? Ok then. final thing… Whiskey! And a few friends, who are the light in my life.

Music group or singer: I love various kinds of music and have a pretty huge collection, though I am not naming anyone here.

Number of siblings: One twin sister. Who is both my arch-nemesis and unfaithful sidekick.

Overnight hospital stays: Several times, all due to my dad being in hospital. Otherwise I despise hospitals, they make me physically sick.

Phobias: None actually. (As if I am going to reveal my secrets. *scoffs*)

Quote (Favourite): “I’m not interested in competing with anyone, I hope we all make it.” – Erica Cook (One of my favourites)

Righty or Lefty: Righty! WAIT!!! Lefty! No! No! No! No!… Both.

Shoes (Favourite): Flip Flops.

Time you wake up: Wait… I can sleep?

Unknown facts about me: There is a LOT that no one knows about me. And I like it that way. Okay, okay, I will give you one: My desk is always messy. I can’t be creative or productive on a clean desk. Everyone hates this aspect of me, but I get results, so… 😀

Vegetables you dislike: Bitter gourd and lady’s finger.

What makes you run late: I dislike being late! But usually it is due to being stuck in some “thing”, or due to one of my friends/colleagues, sometimes because I am procrastinating, and then there are those wonderful moments of serendipity, or as I prefer to call it synchronicty.

X-rays you’ve had: Both hands, arms, and wrists, chest, head, and several teeth.

Your Favourite food: The right question would be, “Your least favourite food”.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius – I Know. I am a professional bullshitter.